Nick Jaskey For Atlas

The collaborative board series between Nick Jaskey and Atlas incorporates Nick’s photography, collage, and painting styles. All the work is inspired by his environment and life in Detroit. The graphics focus on and respond to the auto and industrial landscapes around the city.

The “Car Pile” image is a direct reflection of a junkyard down the street from Nick’s house, where cars can be seen in piles 4 to 5 stories tall at times. The black and white car images are taken from old Detroit auto advertisements from the 60’s – 80’s.

The “Tire” image is a painting of a hand painted sign. The original tire is painted with both spray paint and house paint on the side of an auto shop. It has always been one of Nick’s favorite paintings in the city and he has created paintings, collages, prints, and now skateboards of it.

The “Summer Winter” car images were taken in a parking lot of a building Nick lived in for a long time. This car sat for years before Nick moved in and for years after he left. Nick got to know it really well and it almost started to feel like a permanent sculpture at times. These images are also featured in Nick’s photography book “Signs Of Life”.

Photographs by Daniel Stelly.